Baby Steps

This is gonna be a long one by the looks of things…

Recently I’ve been kind of binge watching YouTube videos, specifically lifestyle channels. I have a few favourites that have inspired me. I don;t know in what way they’ve inspired me exactly, but I feel inspired to do something.

I’d love to have a YouTube channel and dedicate some time to making videos about things I love, but I’m not quite sure I’m there yet.  I’ve got a few issues that are holding me back mentally from actually doing something with this new inspired feeling I have, and I really want to take steps to overcome them. I’ve recently discovered that my body has decided that I need to be punished for eating some food types, and it makes me have a number of symptoms I’m less than pleased with.


The biggest issue for me is the constant bloated appearance I have at the moment, which may be linked to the amount of wheat I eat. Combating this is going to be a struggle, as I love pasta, bread, cereal and pancakes and I’m going to struggle to remove or limit my intake of them. I’m also struggling with my stomach constantly being at war with itself, and bubbling constantly. I also have issues to do with my intestines acting like I’ve offended them. I have a few ideas about what this issue could be, but I’m not going to say “I have so-and-so and I need treatment”, as I need to do some investigations first and I don’t want to worry/annoy any readers. I’m going to try and keep a food diary and see if I can recognise patterns between the food and how much my body hates me to see what I need to do when it comes to my diet.


Other than that, my body seems to be okay from a glance. Inside, however, I really don’t feel 27. I have never done any sort of exercise, other than the standard walking we do in our everyday business. I want to change that, and I know it can be as simple as just doing it, but believe me when I say it’s not that easy for a serial procrastinator. I think about exercise, or other healthy stuff and I hear that little voice inside saying “but why, when you’re still slim and you haven’t played a game today?” I want to strangle that little voice sometimes as it’s part of the reason I can’t run a hundred meters without wanting to throw my lungs up. However, that little voice has also started to whisper other things lately… “you know, if you do some squats, your arse could look as good as hers”, “you know, if you did some sit ups and crunches, your belly wouldn’t wobble as much as it does”, “you know, if you ran around the block a few times, you would feel proud of yourself”, and so on. I think I’m growing to like her.

I know this might seem like a tangent, but have you noticed that this has been 520 words so far? That’s 520 words more than I wrote on this blog yesterday, or the day before and I didn’t even struggle. I feel proud about it. Maybe this is what the inspiration is: I feel inspired to do something I enjoy, that isn’t playing a video game.

Can this inspiration last for more than a lunch break? I hope so, but baby steps my little voice inside, let’s not be too hasty – I don’t want to drive you away. How about you say “why don’t you write a little bit more tomorrow about something you enjoy?”


I like doing small parts, because I don’t feel I’m that practised in acting. It’s like making baby steps towards a bigger goal. – Heidi Klum


4 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. I remember when I was extremely bloated back in December 2013. It turned out that it was heart failure. Some things you cannot control but you should go see a doctor to be sure it’s nothing serious.

    You might also want to try a diuretic (water pill) but make sure to take potassium supplements. Here’s the tricky thing though, those pills can easily get rid of 5-40lb in a week or two, but if you stay on the same diet or if you don’t exercise more often, once you stop taking those pills you can gain that weight back right away, and possibly even more.

    Also, I recommend an app called Carrot Fit (iOS app). It’s a 7 minute workout that brings comedy into it to give you some motivation. Studies have shown that a 7 minute intense workout has the same effect as a 1 hour workout.

    Water pills can make you lose some water weight which makes it easier to exercise, the potassium pills help you replenish potassium because the pills make you pee out the potassium in your blood. But a 7 minute workout will help you keep fit. However, a diet change is also necessary. Cut out the carbs slowly and replace them with some green vegetables and fruit.

    That’s my tip to you. And also, go see a doctor if you can to make sure that it is nothing serious.


    1. Hallo!
      Thank you for taking time out of your day to write to me! I don’t have an iPhone, but I’m certainly going to look into the 7 minute exercise thing – perfect for me!
      Cutting out carbs will be difficult, partially because I don’t actually understand carbs and what food contains what – I know… that seems ridiculous. I’m willing to give it a go though, and I love fruit and veg.
      I should book an appointment to see a doctor, you’re right. I might try keeping a food diary first, as I know they’ll just tell me to do one of those.

      Thank you for the advice – much appreciated, and I’ll give it a go! Stay tuned for potential results updates!



      1. I am not familiar with the Android/Windows phone ecosystem (if you have an Android/Windows phone) but maybe you can find a 7 minute workout app on whatever phone ecosystem that you do have. On iOS there are a lot of low carb or no carb diets that basically help you lower or eliminate carbs from your diet. There are websites out there that do similar things but phone apps usually make it easier to actually practice them on a regular basis.

        I wish you luck, stay motivated!


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