Non-Zero November – Day 3 – 5, 7, 5

So I have a friend who also likes to write and in the past we have occasionally “challenged” each other to write something. When we actually did write something, it was great writing and an interesting read, but inevitably, work and life got in the way and we stopped.

Today I shared this blog with him and he got back to me with his version of a non-zero day – a haiku! I’d never written a haiku before today as I never really understood what one really was or how to construct them. My friend was kind enough to explain them to me and I wrote one! This is his brief explanation of a haiku:

5-7-5 syllable structure over the three lines (in the western language version anyhow), with a nature theme.

As it has been extremely foggy for the last few days, I took inspiration from the weird weather, and combined it with something I’m familiar with and this is what I got:

Outside is foggy
I hear a siren blaring
Oh! Pyramid Head!

So I’ve now written a haiku! Please let me know what you think it is about, or leave a comment with a haiku you’ve written!



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