Non-Zero November – Day 4 – We’re Goin’ On a Trip

Today my other half and I took a trip to his hometown to visit his family.

We originally came to visit and go to an Imagine Dragons concert, but we decided we cant really afford the extra trip to London. I’m a bit gutted as I have no doubt they’d put on an amazing show, but saving on expense is far more important right now.

After I finished work, we made our separate ways to the train station and I got the tickets and a home lifestyle magazine to read on the train. The bus my partner planned to get was cancelled and the next one was a tad late, so we were cutting it close. The bus driver must have had a psychic connection, as they arrived with about 7 minutes to spare.

The journey was a pleasant one and we managed to have whispered snatches of a conversation (quiet coach is by far the best) while he played Minecraft on my laptop.

We made our connection by a mixture of being fleet-of-foot and a black magic ritual performed in our favour and the doors closed as we sat, gasping for breath (or wheezing, if it please you).

Once in the comfort of a family home, we had good home cooked food and a hot cuppa, followed by a good chinwag – doesn’t really get better than that!

For now, sleep and looking forward to a few days off work.



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