Non-Zero November – Day 6 – War, War Never Changes

I know the last post and this one have been ever so slightly after midnight (here in the UK, anyway), but when you’re with family and friends, time just gets away from you.

I don’t have anything planned for this entry and nothing extraordinary happened today – not much does, to be honest – so I’ll just write about something I’m getting excited about.

Next week I have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday booked off work in order to play as much of Fallout 4 as I can on the week of release.

I discovered Fallout 3 in 2008 when I was at my then boyfriends house, feeling rather sorry for myself. I’d come down with a very bad cold and had nothing to do as he had to go to uni classes. He stuck Fallout 3 in his xbox 360 and placed the controller in my hand before leaving me to wallow in my self pity.

He came back to find my eyes had taken on a crazed look and had crusted over from lack of blinking. I don’t think I had moved in 6 hours – I was utterly enthralled.

Within the first 30 minutes of gameplay I had realised that my personal objective was not following the main quest line, but found more enjoyment in picking a random direction and setting off in hopes of civilisation, glory and some .308 caliber ammo.

I quickly figured out that “running” through the wasteland with my radio blaring and my pip-boy light on was pretty much a giant beacon, inviting all Yao Guai, Raider and Deathclaw to partake in some Lone Wanderer fillet. A quick detour to Minefield gave me a sniper rifle and the harrowing quest in Tenpenny Towers sorted out the ghoul problem… Or not, as the case may be. Unfortunately, I visited the Dunwich Building after I obtained the ghoul mask, so the intense atmosphere there was wasted on me.

150 hours of game time later, I was the Wasteland’s Messiah and my faithful sidekick, Charon and I had finished that which my father and mother had set out to do, and I set my controller down.

I got a cup of tea, and entered DC again, vowing that this time, no one was safe, and this was MY wasteland.

Leave a comment about your favourite part of Fallout 3! (Spoilers may be in the comments – read at your own risk!)



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