Non-Zero November – Day 7 – Happy N7 Day!

For anyone that doesn’t know me personally, I’m a massive Mass Effect fan. Mass Effect 3 is my favourite game and Garrus Vakarian us my favourite game character.

The reason I am talking about Mass Effect (which I will now abbreviate to ME) is that it is November 7th (or N7 for short), and N7 is important in the ME universe as being an “N7” means you are the highest rank of the special forces. Today was also the day Bioware released a new teaser for the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda game.

Some of you may not know what ME is. If you are one of those, I implore you to watch the trailer for ME1.

Image from
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You play as Shepard, a human N7 soldier, in a universe where space travel is the norm and humans and aliens live together. Shepard can be male or female, depending on your preference and can be customised to a degree. I personally chose “FemShep” as I enjoy pretending I am the character in question and react to every situation as I personally would if I were there.
Any good space game needs combat, and to spice it up a bit you can choose a special type of combat style (but must stick with this all the way through the game). There are three types of specialisation, and three mixed types:
– Soldier – Firepower, endurance and heavy artillery
– Technical – Armor, precision and sabotage
– Biotic – Physics manipulation, protection and chained damage

I chose to play as a “Biotic”. Essentially, this is space talk for science based “magic”. Biotics can manipulate theirs surroundings with their minds, such as creating a defensive barrier that minimizes damage, throwing a pulse of energy forwards to send foes flying, or leeching health from the enemy and restoring their own.

Guns are used in combat too, but they’re easy to figure out – point and shoot.

Two things make me giddy inside when it comes to ME – story and audio.
The story involves you hunting down a rogue agent, only to discover something insanely disturbing that threatens the entire universe. The dialogue and acting are fantastic, fully pulling you into their grip, but combine this with a frisson inducing score, and you have instant emotions from me. ME1 made me cry in two scenes, ME2 in a few places and ME3 should have come with a box of tissues, as the waterworks were near constant, especially towards the end. Each of these games has left me feeling drained, yet brimming with emotion at the same time.

Stick with the poor inventory management of ME1, don’t get hypnotized by Miranda’s butt in ME2, and enjoy ME3. People have had harsh things to say about the ending if the trilogy (don’t spoil it for yourselves), but keep this in mind when you get to the final moments – it’s not the end that matters, but the journey you took to get there.



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