Non-Zero November – Day 12 – Feral Ghouls

I’ll start this post by apologising for it being a tad late and offering the excuse of not having slept yet, therefore it is still my day 12.

For those who don’t know me, I have an irrational fear of zombies and the like. The undead strike terror and morbid fascination into my core. I will read books about zombies and be fine. I will watch zombie films and television shows and hide behind my hands, feeling just enough panic to not turn it off. Games, however, are a different thing entirely.
If I read a book or watch a film/tv show, the events are set and out of my control: I am simply an observer. I am in control (to a degree) in games. I may not be in charge of the storyline, but the combat and choices I make are my own: if I get myself into trouble, I have to get myself out of it too.

The reason I bring this up is due to Fallout 4. In the previous Fallout games I’ve played, the scariest opponents were Deathclaws, due to their ability to rip you limb from limb in one swipe. Feral Ghouls on the other hand were always manageable. A Feral Ghoul is a human that has been intensely irradiated to the point of madness and mutated to look melted and withered. These creatures attack on sight and look like zombies. Fortunately, they were easy enough to handle.
Not in Fallout 4.
Bethesda decided to ramp up the fear factor, and these guys are now the bane of my life for the following reasons:
– They now swarm
– They have more health
– They look scarier
– They sprint and leap incredibly quickly
– They keep on coming, even when missing arms and legs
– They notice EVERYTHING
– They climb through windows and holes in the floors, walls and ceilings
– They’re SILENT
– They don’t wander: they lie down as if they’re dead
– As they’re laying there on the floor, they wait for you to go past, then come up behind you, all like “PSYCHE! WASN’T DEAD LOL”

Image from Fallout Wikia
Image from Fallout Wikia

I’m pretty sure Bethesda’s designers scheduled a meeting to discuss all my deepest zombie fears and put them into this game.

Bravo, guys, you’ve sincerely scared the living shit out of me numerous times.

I fucking love this game.



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