Non-Zero November – Day 14 – How do they do it?

I see all these bloggers and YouTubers that produce new content a few times a week and wonder how they do it. I mean, I’m thoroughly enjoying writing my blog every day and don’t regret starting this challenge in the slightest, but coming up with ideas for posts is so difficult.

Some bloggers and YouTubers have extremely interesting lives, full of adventures and stories to tell. Others have a passion that they have time to dedicate to and create content for, such as cooking, make-up artistry, art, reviews and more.
I struggle because I’m not allowed to talk about work (non-disclosure agreements) and I don’t do much in my spare time.

I would like to know how people with full time jobs manage to find the passion, motivation, energy and inspiration to consistently come up with new content for their followers/viewers/readers. If you have any advice or blogs/channels to recommend, please do share – I want to be one of those people!



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