Non-Zero November – Day 15 – Something strange is happening to me

Ok, so I’m not normally a big fan of Christmas, despite it being jolly and cosy and full of family and food. I’ve just not been a fan.
I don’t really like big get togethers, with everyone there and kids running all over the place all hyped up on presents and sweets and people getting drunk (I don’t drink).

Despite me not liking the above, I do think Christmas has kind of lost its original meaning of just spending quality time together. Its way too commercialised now – shops stock Christmas items in September and adverts start in October – its ridiculous. This year I just want to give handmade gifts out to a few people, but whether I can or not is another matter.

But anyway, I’m actually looking forward to Christmas because my other half and I can put up decorations and a tree and really get in the spirit. There is also an amazing Christmas festival that has opened up again, and that really is an amazing way to get in the mood. I might even make some mulled wine!

So yeah, the Christmas spirit might actually be with me this year!

Families gather
Windows lit up in colours
Christmas is coming



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