Non-Zero November – Day 19 – I Got Published!

So today I got published. I wrote a review for Mario Tennis Ultra Smash a short while ago and couldn’t talk about it due to NDAs and now it is up for everyone to read!

Despite the game not being one I’d normally choose for myself, I thought I’d give it a go and was pleasantly surprised! It’s a good game that is even better when played with other people. I won’t actually discuss the review here, but will let you read it for yourself on Sp0ng.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash
Image courtesy of GameSpot

I really had fun doing the review. Being given the code and the NDA document made me feel very special indeed – this was important and I needed to take it very seriously. Playing the game was just as you’d expect: sit down and play, there’s really no science to that. Writing the review was the difficult part. Actually sitting down to write is hard, and even harder when it’s more than a haiku, especially when you don’t do it often.

When I gathered the courage to do it, it took two attempts. The first one came across as too faffy and avoided the actual topic, which isn’t the point of a review – this wasn’t telling one of my stories. The second attempt was much better and much easier. I looked at each part of the game and explained it, but linked it to my own experience and understanding of it, attempting to inject some humor in places. After a few editing sessions (I suck at apostrophes), I felt comfortable and happy with the outcome and sent it to the website owner, earlier than it was expected!

All in all, I found the experience extremely fulfilling and thoroughly enjoyed it. The feeling of actually having a piece of work published filled me with pride and I’ve tweeted about it and shared it on Facebook, and some of my friends even shared it around!

I don’t have any more reviews lined up for Sp0ng, but that doesn’t mean I won’t post some on here. I play games all the time, so why can’t I take a little time to write about them, not just as practice but as a way to inform others too?

If you read my review and enjoy it, please leave Sp0ng a follow on Twitter and share the articles on there – there are some really talented people writing for the website.

If you have feedback for me, or want to recommend a game for me to play, please leave a comment – I’m open to constructive criticism and I love discovering new games.




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