Non-Zero November – Day 23 – Procrastination Hits

Today has been a hard day. Procrastination has me in its snare, and I’m finding it difficult to get out. I spent about an hour and a half this evening playing a game on my mobile while Police Interceptors was on in the background. That time could have been spent recording a video for YouTube, or streaming a game on Twitch, or designing a cushion to sew, or writing a short story. Instead, I spent it on a mobile game that I don’t actually find overly fun.

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Procrastination is an issue for so much of the population and a lot of people admit to giving in to procrastination as they find they work better under pressure. I can’t use that excuse as technically I don’t have a deadline to meet, as this is all self improvement for my personal life. I have no idea why I procrastinate with things that don’t deeply absorb me – I could understand if it was a book, or Fallout 4, but not a little mobile game I uninstalled a few months ago because it was boring.

I have projects I want to do, and ideas coming out of my ears, but I just cannot bring myself to do them and the excuses I come up with are endless. I know the advice that is always given is to just get on with it and do the things I know I need to do.

Self pity rant over. Fingers crossed tomorrow will bring more than a haiku or another moaning session. On the plus side, I’m still writing something every day!



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