Non-Zero November – Day 25 – Codename DOG

I while ago I saw a thread on the Writing Prompts subreddit (on and put it to one side to pursue one day. Today is that day. Writing Prompts is when someone gives a very short summary of an idea and people respond with a story based on that summary. The summary for this prompt is as follows:

“You are dog. It is your mission to faithfully guard your poor, stupid, two-legged pack-mates from the horrors of the mailman, the dog next door, and men with hats. Describe your vigil.”

And here is my story.

She’s walking past. We both know I’m watching, we both know she is too. The subtle twitch of the ears, the minute flick of the eyes, the almost imperceptible movement of a nose, sniffing – all tell tale signs of one trying to be discreet. She’s with her man and behaving almost too well to be natural: no tugging on the lead and no words of command. She’s had training but hasn’t yet had time to ease into the role. I see you sniffing the hand of the post man, leaning in for an ear rub. Rookie move, “Duchess”.

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This dog is of no immediate concern, but the post man is. I know he’s attempting to brainwash my humans with the papers he brings. I try to destroy as many as I can before they get gathered up, but I’m not sure I should – they could be poisoned. They don’t taste nice and they leave my tongue an array of colours, but it’s best that I succumb rather than those I am sworn to protect. Try as I can, some of these papers get through to them. The success of the post man’s attempts of brainwashing seem to vary throughout the month and at certain times of the year. At the very start and very end of the months, the letters are kept, despite bringing grim expressions from my family, and others (often the ones with garish colours) will be ignored and thrown away – these I tend to destroy as best I can in case the humans change their mind. The post mans best work comes around the same time as larger boxes arrive, and other humans bring brightly coloured packages, followed by copious amounts of watering and eating. I must admit, these times get the better of me, as I get more tid-bits – I must stay strong.

I am making progress on spotting members people who could enter our territory. I have narrowed it down to people who seem to wear certain types of clothing on their persons – hats. A large group of youths wander by making noise in the evenings, and it must be a ploy to make me doubt myself. I have not been trained for this long that I can have the fur pulled over my eyes that easily. Winter seems to be when recruitment into the enemies ranks is escalated, as the amount of people wearing hats increases tenfold. My humans wear them also, but I think this may be in order to blend in with those who may cause them harm and save themselves. I make sure to thoroughly inspect their clothing after they have been out amongst the enemy and they seem fine so far. Wrinkly men in hats are the hardest to decipher. Some are angry and yell at me to stop sniffing them, and others seem to want nothing more than to give me a fuss and tell me that I’m “a good boy”. I accept this attention for two reasons: my hidden agenda is kept secret and I actually really enjoy head rubs.

I must go, my family is being sent threats from the Amazon again.

I hope you enjoyed that, and you can read the rest of the submissions here.

If you have any writing prompts for me, leave them in a comment below, and I might have a go!



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