Non-Zero November – Day 26 – Remember Yourself

So if you didn’t know, I’ve not been feeling too happy lately, so I decided to pamper myself last night.

I ran a hot bath, prepared a cup of tea, grabbed my book and got in the tub. I started by taking my makeup off with cleansing oil, as there’s nothing worse than sweaty mascara juice in your eyes, and I like my baths so hot I lose a stone in sweat. After my face was clean, I leaned back and immersed myself in my book, The Lore of the Evermen by James Maxwell (I’ll do a review when I’ve finished the series).

When I got to a point I was content in leaving the adventures of Ella, I closed the book and washed my hair. I don’t like washing my hair in the bath as I never manage to rinse it all out, but I felt lazy.

Once my hair was marginally cleaner than before, I exfoliated all over and relaxed for a while longer.

As the water started to show signs of cooling, I got out, dried myself off and moisturised my body, décolletage, face and lips.

This was an extremely rare pamper session for me and I felt thoroughly relaxed afterwards and slept well. I recommend that everyone take an evening every now and then to pamper themselves a little bit – it can make a huge difference, even if it’s just a bath.




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