Non-Zero November – Day 30 – Night of the Final Day

Night of the Final Day
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Today is the final day of Non-Zero November, and I’ve bloody well enjoyed it. It’s been super difficult sometimes and finding something to write about has been hard. I copped out quite a few times with haiku’s, but it was still a non-zero day, so that counts for something.

I’m glad I gave this a go and I thoroughly recommend for others to attempt it too. You don’t have to wait until November: “Non-Zero December” works too, as will any other month. You can write about anything you want and as long as you write a sentence (try to write more, however) then it is one step closer to your goal.

I’ve had some wonderful feed back from friends, family and strangers and it really has made me feel better about myself. I can write, and I will write more. I’m still going to continue on with this blog, but I’m not entirely sure what it’s going to be about yet (very much the same as this last month). As Christmas is pretty much from tomorrow, it may be based around that.

So for now I say thank you for reading, and please stick around to see more from me – I’ll try my hardest to not disappoint.



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