What makes me happy?

What makes me happy?

Image from lifenthuziast.com

I’m happy when I wake up and see my other still asleep, with his face all smooshed into the pillow. He looks peaceful and cosy and it makes me smile.

I’m happy when I get outside in the morning and the sound of birdsong reaches your ears and the skies are calm and the cold air takes your breath away. It is a quiet time of the day that gives you some alone time.

I’m happy when I have a nice hot shower and feel the aches of the day rinse away, and the way my skin feels after moisturising. There’s nothing quite like getting into a clean bed after a shower or bath.

I’m happy when I see others happiness. To see another person’s smile is one of the best feelings, whether you are the reason for the smile or not. A smile can be infectious.

I’m happy when I listen to music. Sticking on a load of 90s/00s songs from my childhood will inevitably have me dancing in my seat and singing along (badly). Songs are linked to memories and recalling these really can cheer you up.

I’m happy when eating my Mum’s cooking. And my Stepdad’s for that matter. When I go home and eat one of their homecooked meals, I get that sigh of happiness.

I’m happy when I get a hug from my Mum. I may be about 5 inches taller than her, but it doesn’t matter when it’s your Mum.

I’m happy when I see that something I’ve written has helped someone. I never expected my words to actually help anyone, but now that they have, I want more!

What makes you happy?



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