The Swift Wileyfox jumps over the lazy brown dog

I got a new phone today!

I’ve been with Windows Phone (WP) for a while, but it was becoming glaringly obvious that they were very out of sync with iOS and Android due to a lack of apps. Instagram is still in beta, Pinterest doesn’t even exist and there are few decent games available. I so desperately wanted WP to catch up, as their handsets are brilliant and the OS itself is lovely to use, but I’ve given up.


I’m now the proud owner of a Wileyfox Swift, which it seems no one has heard of! Wileyfox are a British manufacturer and the Swift is the model. It runs on Cyanogen, which is a modified version of the Android OS. I’ve been playing with this phone since about 7pm and I’m in love. Its a wonderful device that is sleek and comfortable to hold (despite being noticeably larger than my old Lumia 820), and the OS is slick and quick to respond.

I cannot tell you how nice it is to have all the apps I want, logged in and ready to use. If I want to ‘pin’ something, I can. If I want to browse some games there are plenty to choose from. If I want to write my blog from my phone, its super simple and doesn’t mess me around because there’s an app for it!


My only niggle is that importing my contacts has been a kerfuffle and I’m leaving it a mess for now.

I left Android in 2012 out of frustration (which I now know was the handset) and now I couldn’t be happier. Thumbs up from me for the Wileyfox Swift and the Cyanogen OS.


P.S. Theres no tilda (the wiggly line I use) or justification tool in WordPress!


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