Take a Deep Breath

This morning I realised for the first time that it was light when I walked to the bus stop. This may not seem like a massive deal to some of you, but for those that read my post about SAD, you’ll know that this marks the start of a positive change for me. I felt a lovely calm as I left my building. I had to pull my collar close around my face as it’s still a bit frosty, but seeing the blue sky was brilliant and really cleared my head – I forgot about the cold. Throughout the day, I’ve been taking deep breaths and finding myself being calm. It’s a nice feeling.

take a deep breath

On the topic of clearing my head, I’ve been looking into minimalism as a way to help me heal up. I’m not going to suddenly throw everything away and have a blank living space! My partner would kill me! what I mean is that I want to remove items from my life that I don’t need, and only keep things that truly make me happy, or serve a specific, non-optional need (like a toothbrush). I’ve been reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo and I’m looking to follow her KonMari method at some point soon. As she recommends, I want to do it all in one go so that I succeed and keep it up. Once I’ve completed the challenge, I’ll write a post about how it went.

Marie Kondo and her book. Image courtesy of sohautestyle.com

I’m also looking into having a capsule wardrobe, rather than my current set up. So far I’ve been one of those people that likes to buy things only when they’re on sale and buy cheaper items because then I can get more. I’ve already noticed that I tend to wear the same clothes over and over, so cutting my wardrobe down shouldn’t be too hard. The main objective is for me to change my outlook on possessions and clothing and learn to spend more on quality items that I’ll get more use out of.

If any of you want to share your experiences with minimalism, the KonMari method or capsule wardrobes, please leave a comment!



2 thoughts on “Take a Deep Breath

  1. I just started this! I am working on my clothes right now, and it feels really good. Even better than I anticipated. I wasn’t sure before I started, but now I am confident I will follow her rules and finish all in one go.


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