I need more time…

I wish I was Hermione and that I could use the Time-Turner to play all of these amazing games that are just crying out for my attention. I wish I was the Doctor, suspended in time and almost-immortal, just so I could finish Fallout 4.

The sheer number of games that are out there leaves me sad because I can’t play them all, but so intensely proud of the industry that they just keep on being amazing.

Fallout 4 has been out since November last year and I still haven’t completed it. Unravel came out recently, as did The Flame in the Flood, and I want to play those so badly. EarthFall was developed in 30 days and released today as early access (I bought it and plan on playing it this weekend). The Fallout 4 DLC is due to release later this month. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow just got re-released… There are so many games!


Today, Bafta Games announced all their final nominations for the awards and the sheer volume of talent in the lineup is jaw dropping. These people came together and created these works of art for us to experience. Years of seriously hard work have resulted in worlds full of rich stories, vibrant art and resonating music.

So much talent exists in the games industry and I just wanted to take a second to say well done to all of you. You’re all artists and you’ve done such a good job. Thank you.

thank you.gif



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