Project: PYFO

I’m 27 years old at the time of writing this.

It looks like I won’t have a mortgage by the time I reach 30.
I can’t decide whether the career route I’m in is right for me.
I suffer from Hyper-mobility, meaning my joints ache a lot of the time.
I don’t exercise, I’m unfit and I’m putting on weight.
I sleep, but it’s not restful.
I’m really not fashionable and it annoys me.
I struggle to enjoy cooking as I’m impatient, can never get timings right and hate washing up.
I get home after a day of work and just want to sit and do nothing, despite all these high hopes and dreams for my future self.

I am entitled and it is horrible. I don’t know when it happened, but I have this horrible “why isn’t everything going perfectly for me” attitude thing going on, despite not being extra pro-active with the self-improvement.

This has to stop, and this is where Project: PYFO starts.

PYFO stands for Pull Your Finger Out. It’s a very British term that means ‘to start working hard, especially after a period of low activity’. This is pretty much exactly what I need to do – pull my finger out. If I’m not happy with things, then they need to change, and only I can do it.

  • I’m going to save money where I can – sell things I no longer need/want, remind myself I don’t need that top or those shoes, etc.
  • I’m going to learn different skills – narrowing down what I enjoy doing will help me decide my future path.
  • I’m going to do my physio, reliably – I’ve been given these exercises for a reason, so I should bloody well do them.
  • I’m going to exercise more – I don’t need to lose shit tonnes of weight and bulk up – I just want to lose my little belly and tone up my body.
  • I’m going to get better rest – I’ll switch tech off between 10:30 and 11:30pm and read before bed, using an app that alters the blue light emitted from my phone.
  • I’m going to find my style – trying out new fashion ideas will be difficult on a budget, but it’s not entirely impossible.
  • I’m going to cook something new each week – and probably write about it.
  • I’m going to be more present online – more blog posts, more streaming on Twitch and probably even a video or two on YouTube. Even if I end up not enjoying the video formats, I will still have that experience.

You’ve all read this from me before, no doubt, but I seriously mean it. I’ve had enough of being a whiny, entitled, whinger.

Do you need to start your own Project:PYFO? Tell me about it in the comments and we can support each other.

lets do this


Project: PYFO is a go.




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