Project PYFO – ‘About Me’

I found a cool post on Pinterest (while browsing for inspiration) that gives 52 ‘journal prompts’. Whilst this is, in fact, a blog and not a journal I can still use the ideas, right? You can find the pin here, and the original creator’s blog here.

The first of the ideas is “about me”. I already have an about me page, but I think I’ll expand a little bit.

fresh prince

I was born in September in the late 80s, in Lincolnshire, England. I lived in this county with my Mum and Stepdad until I was around 8 years old, then moved to the midlands. Every other weekend, my parents would drive us all back to Lincolnshire to visit family that still lived there, including my Dad and Stepmum. I always remember nodding off in the back of the car, all sleepy until the familiar feel of the roads of my hometown were under the wheels, where I would sit up and watch the end of the journey.

I don’t remember too much of school, but I do remember being very passive about it: not loving or hating any subject in particular except P.E. We had to wear gym knickers and skirts and it was awful. Who in their right mind forces girls to wear revealing clothes during puberty, when they’re at their most insecure?! Some days I would get to school only to remember I had basketball that day but hadn’t shaved my legs. Brilliant.

When I turned 18, I went to university in Yorkshire to study Games Design. Some friends I made stayed friends for just the one year, others for the whole course and maybe one or two I still talk to today. I regret not making more friends and not socialising more.

While at uni I got a job working in a video game retailer (yes, the one with the pinky-purple colour scheme). I hold this job responsible for the development of my cynicism and intolerance of the general public. I generally don’t like being out in town, as other people just wind me up by simply being around me. I know that is stupid, and I’m working on getting rid of that trait.

A year after graduating from university I got a job, and that leads us to where I am today! That was a bit boring, so let’s have a look at some other basic facts:

  • My favourite colours are green and orange
  • I love salmon
  • My favourite books are The Banned and The Banished by James Clemens
  • I love The Walking Dead, The Mentalist, Castle, Dexter and Sailor Moon
  • I’m clean, but messy
  • My favourite possessions are two paintings – one done by my Mum and one by some disabled people my Mum used to care for
  • My favourite Final Fantasy game is XIII-2, closely followed by Lightning Returns and X-2
  • My favourite Zelda game is Oracle of Ages
  • My favourite games are the Mass Effect series
  • I love grapes
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with my dressing gown – it’s getting pretty grim
  • My hair is brown and my eyes are hazel
  • I watched the WWE Royal Rumble 2016 and have been hooked since
  • My favourite wrestlers are Dean Ambrose, Kalisto, Enzo and Big Cass, and The New Day (rocks)
  • I want a cat so badly, but I have a deep fear that they don’t like me
  • If I won the lottery, I’d seriously consider opening my own coffee & cake shop that had books for people to read or buy

That’s all I can think of right now. If you have any questions about something you think I may have missed, leave a comment below!


P.S. Yes, that is me dressed as an angry Pikachu.


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