Project PYFO: Things have changed

So, a while ago I wrote about Project PYFO. It was an attempt to stop me from being lazy and actually get my life sorted out. Of course, being the lazy so-and-so I am, it didn’t really take off. However… things have changed since then.

On Monday 4th July, I start my new job. The job is similar to what I’m doing now, but I’m actually going to be leaving the games industry. I’m sad that I’m leaving the industry I worked so hard to get into, but this new job could really be something special for me. I’ve a feeling I’m going to be more tired by the end of each work day (as I’ll be the only tester in the company), but it should mean my motivation to work on myself in my own time is increased.

So… I did “pull my finger out” in a sense, but it sort of fell into my lap too.

I’ve also started to make a change in my health. My partner and I are trying to cut down on the amount of sugar we’re eating. It’s really surprising how much sugar is in everyday products, and you start to realise “I can’t use that jar of sauce… it’s got 30g of sugar in it!” We did a bit of yoga last night too, and I’m looking at quick fitness routines to do in the mornings.

I’m also getting a car soon, so I’ll be able to pootle about and visit friends and family, and stop being such a hermit. Also… IKEA!


Oh, and I chopped all my hair off.



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