Non-Zero November ’16 – Day 4 – Clair de Lune

I’ve written this short story while listening to Clair de Lune from the Suite bergamasque, and I feel like it should be read while listening to the song. I hope you enjoy it. (P.S. The header image is from

He walked slowly through the snow, making sure not to mar the other footprints with his own, occasionally jumping to the left and right as if to make his large boot markings dance with the smaller ones he was following.

As the trail wound through the trees, he felt the snowflakes gathering on his hair and eyelashes and down the back of his bunched up scarf. He’d forgotten his hat, but the biting cold was refreshing. The trees all around were sagging with the weight of the snow, begging to be pulled and freed of the burden.

His steps quickened as the trail meandered in and out of the trees and he noticed leaves had been wiped clean as someone had been touching the frozen beauty of the forest. A handprint on that tree, a scuff on the roots there, deeper footprints in the snowdrift here. He imagined the smile playing on mildly chapped lips, red nose sniffing, eyes watering from the cold but reluctant to blink them away in case some fleeting moment of winter magic was missed.

Stopping still suddenly, he could hear the crunching of deep snow underfoot. Someone was close up ahead. Just beyond the majestic evergreen sentinels, the perfect creature was slowing their pace. A robin sang it’s melody and received a joyful laugh in return. He was close.

Suddenly there was silence. The forest stood still as if time itself had stopped. Only the snow drifting from the heavens showed that the world still continued on its way. He reached around his neck and removed the scarf. He surveyed it, running the handstitched loops through his fingers, noting the flaws in all their perfection and smiled at each one while shaking the snowflakes off.

A footstep sounded from the tree to his left.

He turned and looked into the wide, sparkling eyes, letting out a gasp of air as the owner collided with him. Bending down, he unfolded the scarf and wrapped it around her neck gently, making sure to cover the exposed skin.

“You need to keep warm, you know.”

“I’m sorry. I just needed to see everything before it melts!”

With one last movement, the scarf was securely in place.

“I love you.” He said, taking in every delicate feature on her face.

“I love you too, Daddy. Now let’s go and make a snowman!”




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