Non-Zero November ’16 – Day 5 – Food with a Friend

I had 90% of a post typed out before I had dinner, ready to wrap up and publish. I’d typed it out on my mobile as I’m at a friend’s house and my phone decided it’d be really funny to delete the whole thing. Brill.

So now I’m sat here with a grumpy face on and a very full belly, all cosy with a blanket and hot water bottle (yup, brought a hot water bottle to my friends house). I actually feel full to the point if bursting, as I’ve just eaten a very very tasty curry.

The last time I was here at this friends house, he said we were going to have a curry with sausages in it. Yup, sausages. I was confused and dubious about it all, and he just said “trust me”. So we did.

My word, that curry was tasty. The sausages added a new texture to the curry and complimented it well. I’ve got to admit that I’m thinking about adding sausages into my curries, but I never remember to pick up sausages. I don’t think Lincolnshire sausages would go well as they’re too herby, but chipolatas would fit nicely.

So here you go: this was tonight’s chicken and sausage Rogan Josh, with garlic and coriander naan. Yum.

Toodle-pip. ♥


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