Non-Zero November ’16 – Day 9 – Oh the weather outside wasn’t that bad

I work in an office situated on the fourth floor. On my left side is the main road. On my right side, I can only see trees and a few rooftops all sprinkled with white frosting. I’m listening to the atmospheric music from The Elderscrolls V: Skyrim, as that is what came into my head as I saw the snowflakes drifting down.

Often while playing Skyrim I’d wander to the northern most reaches of the map, sit on a glacial cliff and watch the snow falling all around, or gaze up at the Aurora Borealis playing across the pitch black sky with the music playing softly in my ears, mingling with the faint sound of a whispering wind.

“Aurora Gate” by /u/Core_ten on /r/SkyrimPorn

It’s moments like these in games and real life that ground me and free me at the same time. The serenity of being alone and witnessing the world just being the world without anyone or anything affecting it is a magical feeling. One day I’d like to visit Iceland or Norway or the like and spend an hour just watching the lights in silence and another hour watching them while listening to the Skyrim atmospheric music.

I can listen to chart music and feel emotions. I can listen to classical or orchestral music and feel inspired. Yet nothing affects me quite as much as video game music. I think this is because the tracks are normally designed to enhance your gameplay and not distract you, so I can work to this music for hours on end without my mind flitting around, but I can still take a break and appreciate the beauty of the music and be whisked away to Whiterun within seconds.

Even if you’re not into video games, I implore you to listen to some of their soundtracks and experience some of what I feel whenever I plug into them. As this post has been mostly about Skyrim, I’ll leave the video I listened to at work today. Let me know what you think or share your recommendations.

Toodle-pip. ♥


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