Non-Zero November ’16 – Day 10 – Social media is a dangerous thing

Warning: Potential ‘The Walking Dead’ spoiler inside.

Social media is a dangerous thing. People warn about children and teens feeling pressured into different trends and lifestyles that might not be healthy, but I don’t feel like that’s the only danger. I’m a 28-year-old woman who has been to university and has a career, a home, and a long-term partner, but I feel that social media has definitely had an impact on my life.

YouTube is the problem area for me. From capsule wardrobes to Pinterest hacks, from Minecraft series to Carolina Reaper Chili challenges, I’ll watch many different things and thoroughly enjoy it all. However, it is the healthy eating, lifestyle, self-improvement and house tours that I feel do the most damage. I find watching these videos highly interesting but by the end, I’m troubled that I’ll probably never be able to have a life like these YouTubers.

They create content about beautifully prepared, healthy food, but with a full-time job I can’t hope to match this without spending a large portion of my precious time cooking and cleaning up afterward.

They create tours of their beautifully styled houses and flats, but I live in rented accommodation and can’t replace the wood floors with soft, cream carpets. I can’t buy that expensive bookcase because I don’t have that much expendable income. I won’t have a neat and perfectly clean kitchen area, as the communal bins are always overflowing and I won’t contribute to the decomposing cardboard pile outside when it can stay dry in the corner of the dining area.

They describe all these tips for how to be the best possible you, how to be positive, how to be a morning person, and how to plan your week. I  can’t really plan my week as the buses have a schedule known only to themselves, meaning my journey to and from work varies from 30 minutes to over an hour each way. Being positive is difficult when you don’t really see any progress in the direction you’re wanting to take. Becoming a morning person is nigh on impossible when it’s dark out  at 7am and my body still wants to be snug in my bed. Being the best possible me is pretty difficult when adulthood gets in the way.

If you can’t tell, I’m in a foul mood again. This is a therapeutic post for me, but I’m going to be real and say it’s not helping. My other half and I just had a raised-voice discussion on which direction the city center is from our flat, which involved lots of looking in different directions and now I’ve re-noticed the box of recycling that still needs to go out, along with the other little things around the flat that are niggling away at my patience.

I’m going to sign it off here and watch some Doctor Who while ignoring YouTube, Instagram and Twitter before I whinge away my readers, but I will leave you with this song (don’t read the comments on the video, as they will 100% contain spoilers for The Walking Dead – you have been warned).

Toodle-pip. ♥


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