Non-Zero November ’16 – Day 14 – Tale as old as time

I’ll start this post off by saying that Beauty and the Beast is in my top three Disney films and holds a dear place in my heart… And earlier on today the official trailer for the new 2017 version was released… and oh my, does it look good. Starting off with the Disney castle, we hear the Prologue theme automatically setting the dark and mysterious frisson that surrounds the start of the film, and get our first glimpses of Maurice, Belle and Beast.


Maurice isn’t what I was expecting as, of course, I have the animated version in my head. Instead, we get a slim man who doesn’t feel very fatherly, rather than the jolly, larger cartoon Maurice. Next comes Belle, and she is beautiful. Emma Watson was cast very well looks-wise, but I’m not sure if her manner of speaking might be too precise for the character. I’ve only ever seen her play Hermione, so we’ll see how it goes when the film is released. Shortly after the heroine comes Beast, with a fresh, Guillermo del Toro feel about him and I’m in love. He looks both gentle and ferocious at the same time, and his voice is more majestic than in the animated version. From the few bits of action we see, he’s animated smoothly and I’m looking forward to the famous ballroom scene.

As for the other characters, I’m not sure a better person could have been cast as Gaston, and LeFou looks perfect too. Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip all make an appearance and I’m already head over heels for their redesign. I wasn’t sure how they’d style the very cartoonish characters with the live action remake, but they seem to have done a wonderful job. I won’t spoil their appearances for you, as that would be cruel. What I will do is leave the trailer for you to watch and hopefully you can tell me your opinion in the comments.

Toodle-pip. ♥


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