Non-Zero November ’16 – Day 18 – Mr Ocelot

A while ago I watched a video somewhere of a guy wandering through a rainforest and came across a young ocelot on the path, while he was hunting some other nocturnal animals, and it left me with a huge grin on my face.

Fast forward to a few months ago, my other half was telling me about this channel on YouTube called Brave Wilderness, with a man who goes around catching insects and letting them sting him, increasing the severity of the pain with each new insect. I was interested as I’ve never been stung by anything before. So we get home and slap on the videos and a hint of recognition appears as I see this “Coyote Peterson” on the laptop screen. A quick look through his playlist reveals that he is Mr Ocelot man from the other video and I’m thrilled!

Coyote and Ocelot.gif
Click here to watch the video

Now I’m a viewer of his and sit down every now and then to have a binge session of watching his videos. He is charismatic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and brave to a fault. He’ll take on any challenge ahead of him (as long as it’s not super dangerous) in order to experience life a bit more fully and educate those watching his videos. He covers all sorts of animals, from bears, minks and foxes to spiders, leeches and scorpions. Anything he comes across in his journeys is educational content for the world, and he teaches not only how to deal with the animal itself, but the aftercare if you get wounded by one.

As of this post, he only has the world’s most painful insect sting left to experience on his list – the bullet ant – and I’m eagerly awaiting the video to appear. Thank you, Coyote Peterson; be brave, stay wild!

Toodle-pip. ♥


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