Non-Zero November ’16 – Day 27 – Winter Pie

I feel like I should write a bit more today than I did yesterday, as it was a bit of a “day off”, and I did have a small adventure, so I have something to talk about.

We wandered into town at around 1pm and argued over where to grab some food and a coffee and decided we’d wait a while and see if the place we eventually agreed on quietened down a bit.

Then we bought a hairdryer as our other one was melting itself.

In the end, the food place didn’t quiet down that much, so we had to find somewhere else. As we didn’t want anywhere mega busy, we wandered a little further out and went to Patisserie Valerie (again). After being seated with a cappuccino, latte and two tap waters, we perused the menu and our eyes fell on the two-course offer.


A short while later, I had a salmon mousse and t’other half had tomato and basil soup of the day. Oh my, they were tasty. I would have gone for the soup, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle that and the main meal, so I had the mousse.

After the boyfriend burned his mouth on the too-tasty-to-wait soup, our main was delivered. I show you my Winter Pie.


The pie was rich and FULL of steak. The beans were still crisp but very tasty. The swede and (I forget) mash was UHMAYZING and I will be looking to make this at home.

After not being able to finish it all, we reluctantly shook our heads at the cake menu and waddled home to nurse our food-babies.

Toodle-pip. ♥


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