Right now, I am at peace.

Right now, I am at peace.

This peace is like an old friend popping round for a cup of tea. There are things we have to catch up on, and the easy silence that is comfortingly familiar. It’s an emotional reunion and an overdue respite from the past months of turmoil. Waking up without her has been hard, and as I feel her warmth surrounding me, I feel the jolt of that piece of me that has been missing for so long.

A weight no-longer on just my shoulders, she bears my burdens with me and tells me to keep going. Tears of gratefulness swell in my eyes, threatening to burst their banks and I’m not ashamed to let them. Her hand outstretches to enclose mine and I hear the reassurance that it’s getting better.

She is like a hot bath after a long day. She is like a cup of hot chocolate during winter. She is your special chair, there in the corner. She is a well-worn book, being read again. She is your father picking you up and spinning you round. She is your mother hugging you after you fell down. She is your sibling that has your back when it counts the most. She is your partner embracing you, just because.

I don’t need to tell her how much this means to me. She knows. A subtle nod, with smiling eyes tells me the words don’t need to be said. My gratitude is unconditional and unspoken. She settles back and makes herself at home. She doesn’t plan on leaving for a while. A welcome guest with no plans to leave just yet.

Right now, I am at peace.

Toodle-pip. ♥

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