A Monastery in May – Kirkstall Abbey

I’ve been struggling with writer’s block for about two weeks now. I know I normally upload on a Monday, but to make sure I post something, I’ll share with you some pictures from last month when I went to Kirkstall Abbey.

The Abbey is an old monastery in the Kirkstall area of Leeds and you can read more about it here. It’s got the ruins on one side of the road, which is free to explore, and a museum on the other side of the road, which does cost to enter. On the day we went, there were stalls in the courtyard selling homemade sweet treats, handmade trinkets and numerous other stalls from local Leeds people.

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We decided to explore the Abbey first and take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and have a look at the museum after, due to the weather reports hinting there’d be a storm coming our way. As we stepped inside the museum, the first drops of rain started to fall, so we definitely made the right choice!

I’m not massively into history and don’t appreciate museums as much as my companions did, but this was well worth the trip. It was amazing to be standing in a space where people had once lived in the 16th century and before, and you can’t help but wonder about how they made this amazing building without modern means.

Please consider this as a place to visit if you’re visiting Leeds or even if you live there, you should make the effort to see some local history!

Toodle-pip. ♥

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