For now, I am

A jigsaw, tipped out on the floor, pieces scattered everywhere.

A pile of leaves, strewn about by an errant wind.

A watercolour painting, left out in the rain.

A calm river, disturbed by a landslide.

A well-worn book, knocked off a park bench and forgotten, out of sight.

A bracelet snagged on a hook, beads lost in nooks and crannies.

An old toy with a rip, dropped in a corner to gather dust.

A scratched CD that skips and stutters.

An unwatered plant, petals crisping and falling to the ground.

A ripped and torn sofa, placed on the side of the road, waiting for an unknown fate.

A ratty cat with a broken meow, sneered at when passed by.

A quivering dog, left at the pound for barking at loud noises.

A threadbare towel only brought out to mop up spillages.

A dull knife at the back of the drawer, scorned for not being sharp.

A faded picture, absentmindedly placed between two pages of an old book.

A bone, fractured and encased in a cast.

I’m going through a difficult time at the moment and wanted to write down how I’m feeling, to see if it helps. I already feel a tad lighter than I did before this, so that’s positive!

Toodle-pip. ♥

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