For now, I am

A jigsaw, tipped out on the floor, pieces scattered everywhere. A pile of leaves, strewn about by an errant wind. A watercolour painting, left out in the rain. A calm river, disturbed by a landslide. A well-worn book, knocked off a park bench and forgotten, out of sight. A bracelet snagged on a hook, beads […]

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The “A” word

The world was spinning, heat was radiating across her chest and the pit of dread in her stomach was growing each second. She placed one hand on the dresser to steady herself as she stumbled, and held her head with the other, willing the throbbing pain to stop, stop, stop. Tears fell from her freshly […]

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Right now, I am at peace.

Right now, I am at peace. This peace is┬álike an old friend popping round for a cup of tea. There are things we have to catch up on, and the easy silence that is comfortingly familiar. It’s an emotional reunion and an overdue respite from the past months of turmoil. Waking up without her has […]

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