The “A” word

The world was spinning, heat was radiating across her chest and the pit of dread in her stomach was growing each second. She placed one hand on the dresser to steady herself as she stumbled, and held her head with the other, willing the throbbing pain to stop, stop, stop. Tears fell from her freshly … Continue reading The “A” word


Happy Body

I sit at my desk, sipping my tea, savouring the warmth on my hands and my tongue. Tasting the hint of honey in the cardboard-coloured liquid, I feel proud that I have cut out the two sugars I used to have in each cup – the once welcome taste is now repulsive to me. I … Continue reading Happy Body

Futon Thoughts: I went to the hospital today

At 10:50am today I had an appointment at the gynecology ward to discuss the possible return of my Endometriosis. I walked into the waiting room thirty minutes early (as usual - I'm always early for healthcare appointments, just in case) and I actually got called in early. I was lead to a room where I would … Continue reading Futon Thoughts: I went to the hospital today