Inappropriately touched by a pigeon

I wake up to a gentle tone, growing in volume and a mild chill to the air. My alarm is telling me to wake up, it's time to get ready for work. Grumbling, I slither out from under the covers, one limb at a time, trying to cling on to the warmth of the bedsheets … Continue reading Inappropriately touched by a pigeon


For now, I am

A jigsaw, tipped out on the floor, pieces scattered everywhere. A pile of leaves, strewn about by an errant wind. A watercolour painting, left out in the rain. A calm river, disturbed by a landslide. A well-worn book, knocked off a park bench and forgotten, out of sight. A bracelet snagged on a hook, beads … Continue reading For now, I am

An open letter to my family and friends

Hi, We haven't spoken in a while. If we had, I could just ask you how your week has been, but it's been so many weeks that that question is void. But how are you doing? What's your job now? Do you have a partner? What's their name? You don't,? Are you looking or are … Continue reading An open letter to my family and friends

Chop chop!

The back of my neck is really cold. It's not because I'm in a cold place, and I'm not on a ghost hunt being creeped out. Nope. I got my hair cut! Last Thursday I decided to bite the bullet and book an appointment. I've got Taryn Way and The Bloggers Hub to thank for the final … Continue reading Chop chop!

To chop or not to chop

I'm having a dilemma. I don't know whether to get my hair cut. There are more important things going on in the world, and my life, even, but this is still quite a big decision for me. In the summer of 2016 I cut off my lower-than-shoulder length hair to a pixie cut, and then … Continue reading To chop or not to chop

Frisson Friday: Christopher Tin

It's Friday again. I missed a one or two (I can't remember) but I have a cracking song (and artist) for you this week. I had heard this a few months ago from a friend, but found it again today as a related artist, while listening to Malukah (see my previous Frisson Friday post about … Continue reading Frisson Friday: Christopher Tin